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This page is no longer being updated.
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I’m not sure why yet but as of 26th September the last six months worth of updates on here have disappeared. This coincided with both my webhost and WordPress carrying out upgrades overnight.

The good news though is that all the photos are all still available from my Smugmug site, click here to get to them

I’m in the process of moving everything to a new domain

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With little more than two weeks until Scotland men play in the World League 1 round in Glasgow they played a three game series against Italy between 18th and 21st August.

Game one on the Thursday night went well for the Scots. They started strongly with two early goals finished with a penalty corner conversion which completed the win at 5-0.
photos – Scotland v Italy, game 1

Saturday’s game saw another early 2-0 lead for Scotland. This time though they let Italy back into the game and found themselves 3-2 down in the second half before forcing an equaliser.
photos – Scotland v Italy, game 2

The final game of the series was played on Sunday morning. Yet again Scotland were 2-0 up early in the game. This time however they quickly doubled the lead to 4-2 and continued to build through the game. The final score was an 8-2 win.
photos – Scotland v Italy, game 3Scotland v Italy

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Scottish Rowing held their Indoor Championships at Bellahouston Sports Centre on 21st November. The event featured Age Group,  Open, University and Adaptive classes.

photos – Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships
 Scottish National Rowing Championships

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Holiday in Fuerteventura - the Visitor Guide e-book
It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, every game or race I’ve been going to has been frozen off. Therefore, there have been no new photos to show, except for last night’s book event.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy with my own first attempt at publishing a book. Holiday in Fuerteventura is a tourist guide and introduction to the lesser known Canary Island. It’s currently available as a download for Kindle from Amazon.
More info here.


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Henry Hepburn

Henry Hepburn

I reviewed Henry Hepburn’s excellent book The Beautiful Games – Scotland’s Hidden Sports back in July when it was first available [review here]. Last night Henry hosted a launch event in Falkirk. It turned out to be a very entertaining evening, with Henry reading selected passages and hosting a question and answer session with two of the sports stars whose stories feature in the book. First up representing American Football was a familiar face from my photos, Ryan Hunter of East Kilbride Pirates. The second guest was Lynn McCafferty, who captained the GB Ladies Handball Team at the Olympic Games this year.

The chat went on longer into the night than expected, keeping the full room well entertained. I really enjoyed the evening.

THE BEAUTIFUL GAMES – Scotland’s Hidden Sports is available from Lulu Enterprises as a paperback or an e-book. Click here
It’s also available from Amazon. Click here

Henry Hepburn, Lynn McCafferty and Ryan Hunter during a Q&A session

Henry Hepburn, Lynn McCafferty and Ryan Hunter during a Q&A session

Lynn McCafferty, Henry Hepburn and Ryan Hunter

Lynn McCafferty, Henry Hepburn and Ryan Hunter

THE BEAUTIFUL GAMES - Scotland’s Hidden Sports

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It’s not sports photography, but I’m really pleased that one of my pictures has
been chosen as the front cover image on the new Herald charity Calendar.

The Herald 2013 Calendar

THE BEAUTIFUL GAMES – Scotland’s Hidden Sports
by Henry Hepburn

In this newly published book, the author declares that there is an unhealthy culture is Scottish sport as it is dominated by football, specifically football played by men. This leaves other sports, and all women’s sport, unfairly ignored by the media and starved of funding and new players. Those who know me will be aware that I am entirely sympathetic with the Mr Hepburn’s point of view.
THE BEAUTIFUL GAMES - Scotland’s Hidden Sports
Football supporters dismiss other sports as irrelevant. Youngsters are encouraged into football ‘because you can earn a lot of money without a huge amount of talent’. Even sports journalists, with a few exceptions, have little knowledge of or interest in other sports, and so the football stranglehold continues.

Henry Hepburn is a journalist, and each chapter is a feature on an individual sport, describing its history, where it is now, and telling the stories of some of its heroes. The sports covered vary from the well known – rugby, cricket, tennis – to the less supported shinty, handball, American football, table tennis, netball – to the much more obscure roller derby and korfball. Women’s football gets a chapter as it’s considered to be a separate sport to the men’s game, with its own battle for recognition.

As I take an interest in a variety of sports I already knew some of the info the book provides. I know a bit about American football and EK Pirates quarterback Ryan Hunter. I knew who Ronald Ross is. I knew that table tennis is big in Drumchapel. As some of my cousins played, I even knew that Cumbernauld is a hotbed of handball, though I didn’t know why until now. Beyond that, there was an awful lot I didn’t know and I’m now much better informed.

The Beautiful Games is an interesting read, I recommend it to anyone interested in Scottish sport. It’s just a pity that not many of those one tract mind football followers will  give it a look.

THE BEAUTIFUL GAMES – Scotland’s Hidden Sports is available from Lulu Enterprises as a paperback or an e-book. Click here

It’s now also available from Amazon